Random Acts Of Kindness

Give back to the community

Strengthen teams with a philanthropic team building activity

Random Acts Of Kindness gets teams working together while giving back to people in the community. Each activity challenge has your teams completing random acts of kindness designed to brighten the days of others while building teamwork skills and having fun. The team that can complete the most challenges before time runs out will be crowned as the kings or queens of kindness.

Helping others feels great and Random Acts Of Kindness empowers teams to think of creative ways to brighten other people’s days. Your group will need to solve problems, think creatively and work together to be successful. Participating in this fun team building activity will make a difference with those around you while leaving a positive do-good vibe with your team.

The lasting effect of Random Acts Of Kindness comes in the memories and stories of how they brightened people’s days. Often the feel-good factor carries on where those that receive a good deed pass it along by brightening the day of someone else.

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How It Works

Your group will be broken up into teams to complete challenges on their phones using our smartphone app. Challenges are completed by submitting photos, videos and text responses. Points are awarded for each challenge with the more difficult ones being worth more. Teams will commit random acts of kindness in the community and improve the days of others with each completed challenge.

When teams sign into the app they will need to search for the activity and enter their password. Once logged in dozens of challenges that can be completed in any order will appear. Teams must search to find fun and unique solutions to each philanthropic challenge. The challenges range in difficulty from doing something simple like helping someone with heavy bags to doing something extraordinary like donating blood. Each challenge earns points and as teams climb the live leaderboard they are one step closer to being the kings and queens of kindness.

Check out our video introduction to our smartphone app:


One of the coolest benefits of this event is it can be run anywhere! This is perfect for companies with offices spread out across the country or even around the world. Wherever people are participating, we recommend you finish with some post-event storytelling and winner recognition.

This activity is completely flexible when it comes to time and place. Looking for something fun to do in a compressed time like a lunch hour or conference break? We can make that work too.

And yes, like almost all our team building activities, this event is completely scalable for large groups of any size. This particular activity is maybe the world’s best solution for scaling up for groups of 1,000, 5,000, 10,000 or more!

Your investment includes:

  • Custom-built Random Acts Of Kindness, branded for your company
  • A password-protected smartphone activity, made private for your group
  • Access to the live leaderboard and activity stream
  • Full, personal instructions for you and your team
  • The option to add on custom challenges
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Key Facts

  • Activity Level : Active
  • Competition Level : Competitive
  • Desired Outcome : Fun
  • Investment Level : Hosted ($40 – $200pp), Self-Hosted ($11 – $39pp), Virtually-Hosted ($12 – $50pp)

How much does this event cost?

Self-Guided Smartphone Powered Events

If you would like to run this activity yourself, pricing for the majority of groups we work with ranges from $9 to $31 per person, with a minimum spend of $395. For larger groups we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

Remote-Hosted Events (Ideal for Hybrid Teams)

Get a hosted event experience, without the cost of having an in-person host. With remote-hosted events, your host will leverage a video conferencing tool & our proprietary web app to run a hosted event for your teams. This is an ideal solution for teams that have a mix of in-office and remote employees. Prices range from $12 to $50 per person with a minimum total investment of $995.

Hosted Smartphone Powered Events

If you would like our team to be on-site to run this activity for you and your group, pricing for the majority of groups we work with ranges from $40 to $125 per person. For smaller groups, we do have a minimum total investment level of $3,995. For larger groups, we’ll be as flexible as possible to work within your budget. Pricing does not include any venue or location rental fees.

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Reviews for Random Acts Of Kindness

I just wanted to thank both Michael and Kylie SO SO MUCH for all of the help with the event. It was really great and everyone had a great time. I got a lot of compliments on the idea, and we plan on doing it again soon! All the best and thanks again, it was the perfect event. ”

– Penguin Random House

It was simple, easy to use, and creative. The team had a great time. ”

– Salesforce

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